How to Make Money Blogging in Simple Steps

The history of blogging goes back to the year of 1994 when it was created by a mere university student. At that time, the concept of creating content and putting it on a bought and created website was considered mundane and useless. After almost two and a half decades, blogs have now revolutionized the domain of earning online. People around the world are turning to this spectacular profession of professional blogging as an easy way to make money.

How to get paid for blogging: Your complete guide

For the beginners, countless questions are hanging around the whole spectrum. Read on to find out how to get paid for blogging.

#1- What is a blog and how does it work? How to start with it?

People are usually tentative about blogging because they lack the basic information about what it takes to start one. The answer is simpler than what they imagine. Creating a blog is like taking a walk in the park. With minor monetary investments and some programming skills (not necessary), you can have a live and functional blog up and running.

To create a blog is to follow a series of simple steps-

  1. Choose the site as per your needs
    The first step of how to start a blog is simply to choose a site out of hundreds available to start a blog. WordPress is the leading blog site provider with multiple plans to consider. WordPress and many other sites further provide readymade templates and designs that make these blogs visually appealing. In addition to templates, other features are also provided and can be used to make the blog look and function better. People with programming knowledge can go on to use CSS to even further improve the blog so it is as appealing and inviting as one could imagine.
  2. Pick a host and buy a domain
    Once the blog is selected, its time to choose a host and buy a domain. The host and domain are the pillars of a successful blog. Buying a host gives you access to countless features and boosted search optimization that enhances the traffic coming to the blog.

    Domain, on the other hand, make your blog shackle free and puts you as the sole exclusive owner. The domain of your blog is the official and exclusive web address that will direct people to the blog. Hosting a website makes it eligible for monetization and makes it look professional. Blue Host is one of the most widely used host and domain party. It offers exclusive features and customer support. Hostinger is another excellent hosting service and provides some of the best customer service on the internet.
  3. Give your blog a catchy name and you are good to begin writing! After all the technical aspects are handled, its time to name the blog and make sure it's catchy. Regardless of the niche a blog is planning to focus on, the name should be eye-catching. The first impression matters and having a catchy name is important to get the reader’s attention.

#2- How to start a blog and make money? Content and Advertising is the key!

The secret to a successful blog is a flow of constant content. If you are planning for your blog to be solution to how to make extra money, this is the perfect way to do it. Be it a food blog or a blog focusing on stitching and sewing, the amount of content put up is what ultimately leads to profit.

Regular and trendy content is the key

Bloggers usually tend to get lethargic and stop creating content, and before they know it, the blog becomes obsolete. Therefore, to keep the blog floating, regular content is a must, especially in the early stages.

The perfect way to make passive income

Blogging might be an easy way to make passive income, but without content, it has no value. Therefore, it is imperative to keep writing and posting videos or pictures or anything that keeps the flow of content steady and keeps your readers engaged. Creating good content is the key to making your blog into a source of passive income.

Social media is the right tool

The content you are putting up needs to find its way to the targeted readers. Yes, search optimization is a great tool, but in contemporary internet traffic, you need to take it further. And to do so, social media is the perfect tool. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are on a high tide of traffic almost 24 hours a day. Thus, what is required is to simply direct a portion of that traffic towards your blog.

To do so, one can make use of the various social media features and options. In addition to that, you can also use the paid adverts to amplify your reach and gain a larger audience.

Engage the readers Once the flow of content and readers is steady, the next important step is interaction. The comment section and received critiques and questions need an ample amount of acknowledgment and time. This way, the readers feel interacted with and tend to return to the blog more often.

#3- How to make money with a blog for beginners: Monetizing the Blog

Now that we’ve answered the question ‘What is a blog and how does it work,' it is time to answer more important questions like how to start a blog and make money? The answer to these questions can vary over a spectrum of ways to earn money from home. Once the blog you have created is experiencing regular traffic, it is time to monetize it and make revenue. There are various ways of monetizing a blog, some of which are listed below-

  • The most common way of monetizing a blog is through Ads. With this, you can place ad buttons on your blogs, which when clicked will earn you a minimal amount of revenue.

  • Another great way to earn money from blogging is selling e-books, applications, and to-do guides on the blog.
  • Adding premium content is another popular way that people have been using blogs to earn money.

  • A series of online professions pertaining to blogging can also help, such as consulting, freelancing, copywriting, etc.
  • RSS and newsletter advertising, featuring sponsored posts, video and podcast advertising are also a very profitable ways of earning good revenue.
The question, “How to make money with a blog for beginners,” is now all set and answered. The use of quality content and consistent effort on the blog is the secret to earning passive income from blogging. These various modes of monetization are all that’s needed to earn healthy profits from home in an easy and convenient method of blogging.